Ka Finanz AG

Covered Bonds

These bonds are issued pursuant to the Austrian "Act on Covered Bank Bonds" ("FBSchVG"), which governs the issue of bonds secured public sector assets (public institutions located in the European Economic Area and in Switzerland).

Cover Pool Information

as of 31/12/2017

Cover Pool Information

as of 30/09/2017

Cover Pool Information

as of 30/06/2017

Cover Pool Information

as of 31/03/2017

Cover Pool Information

as of 31/12/2016

Cover Pool Information

as of 30/09/2016

Cover Pool Information

as of 30/06/2016

Cover Pool Information

Adhoc information / 04-03-2016

Disclosure notifying a Standard & Poor's (S&P) rating for covered bonds

Cover Pool information

as of 31/12/2015

Adhoc information / 12-11-2015

Notification of termination of the over-collateralisation agreement as a result of the termination of Moody's rating regarding the covered bank bonds taken over by KA Finanz AG from Kommunalkredit Austria AG by way of the merger

Notification concerning the overcollateralisation agreement of 16/10/2015

Commitment Over-Collateralisation from Kommunalkredit (old) 27/01/011

Presentation on the merger of KA Residual with KF of 26/09/2015

Cover Pool Information

Communication regarding the Cover Pool for Covered Bond Investors of KA Finanz

Ad-Hoc information KA Finanz

Ad-Hoc Information Kommunalkredit