Ka Finanz AG


KA Finanz offers:

In principle, KA Finanz AG offers every qualified investor the possibility to express his/her interest in bonds and loans approved for sale and to participate in the process leading up to the sale of such assets.

As a qualified investor, you meet the following criteria:

  • You confirm (in case you are already on record as a business partner of KA Finanz AG) that you have sufficient funds to pay the purchase price of an asset or portfolio to be sold upon acceptance of your bid. New business partners have to supply a proof of funds in a form satisfactory to the seller.
  • You are an eligible counterparty according to the definition in MiFID II.
  • You are connected to the internationally established clearing systems (e.g. Euroclear) for the settlement of bonds.
  • If you wish to become a new business partner of KA Finanz AG, please provide us with all the necessary “Know Your Customer” (KYC) documents by the deadline indicated
  • You take note of the data privacy information of KA Finanz AG and the taping of interbank trading transactions information
  • You agree to our the General Terms and Conditions of KA Finanz AG


You first have to register in order to view the positions currently available for sale.

Selling process:

If you are interested in buying a bond or a loan, you can view detailed information on the assets available for sale under “Assets” after your registration has been confirmed. You have to submit your expression of interest by the deadline indicated in writing to the email address indicated, complete with the following information:

  • Indication of the asset (or portfolio) you are interest in buying
  • Indication of the registration number you received from us upon registration
  • Name, address and brief description of the interested party
  • Names of person to be contacted if questions arise
  • Confirmation that you are expressing your interest as a principal acting on your own account
  • New business partners have to submit the KYC documents fully completed and duly signed

Provided you meet all formal, substantive and legal criteria, you will be granted access to the selling process.

General information /Disclaimer:

The release of any information to you does not in itself constitute an offer to sell or an invitation to purchase or tender for any securities or any of the businesses or assets of KA Finanz AG, but an invitation to provide us with an offer for the purchase the relevant assets or securities, for our consideration. KA Finanz AG expressly disclaims any and all liability (except to the extent arising from fraud) for all statements in any written materials furnished or information orally transmitted to you or your representatives, excepting only those particular representations and warranties which, in fact, are made in definitive agreements, and subject to such limitations and restrictions as may be contained therein. The submission of information as a part of a Sales Process does not create KA Finanz AG obligation to provide further information of any kind whatsoever or to correct, complete or update any information already provided.

KA Finanz AG expressly reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without giving reasons therefore (and without any liability to KA Finanz AG’), at any time and in any respect, to (i) amend or terminate the procedures of any Sales Process by which you will submit your Binding Offer, and by which KA Finanz AG will decide to possibly pursue negotiations with you following the submission of your Binding Offer, (ii) terminate discussions with you, (iii) to reject your Binding Offer, (iv) to choose an alternative transaction structure and (iv) to negotiate with other interested parties with respect to any Transaction. Notwithstanding the above, KA Finanz AG will act in accordance with the principles of an open, fair and non-discriminatory tender process.

It is understood that you will bear all costs, expenses and expenditures of your investigation including, without limitation, any fees and disbursements of your counsel and advisors. Without limiting the foregoing, KA Finanz AG reserves the exclusive right, in its sole discretion, to terminate discussions with you at any time until the signing of any Transaction’s definitive agreements, without any legal obligation or liability of any kind whatsoever to you, notwithstanding any oral understandings reached in the course of negotiations or any action or reliance of any person with respect thereto or any event or circumstance that may occur or exist prior to the execution and delivery of the Transaction’s definitive agreements.